About this Site

This site is a collection of information about Lyme Disease, and health in general, sprinkled with a little of my own experience.

There seems to be such a common theme of experience out there that I decided it would be more useful to collect them somewhere instead of just adding my own to the heap.

Lyme Blogs

redheadkelly-laptop-abstract-grass-skyMy favorite page is the collection of Lyme Blogs. So many people have turned to blogging in order to vent, advise, inform or just stay connected. I have searched & searched and added everyone I could find who ever started blogging about their experience with Lyme Disease. Some have given up blogging long ago with no tale of their progress. Some have gone on to blog about whatever it is they are doing now that they have regained their health. Some are still blogging their search for relief. Whatever phase they are in, it seems they can be of some help to all of us & we can all be of help to each other. Currently, there are over 300 blogs in the collection. The complete list of Blogs can be seen on the right of the page & the most recent posts from the collection can be seen on the left. There are many more new posts each day than are shown in the 20 displayed here. If you would like to see more, please subscribe to the collection. If you are also blogging & would like to be added to the collection, please leave a link to your site in the Comments.

Other Useful Resources

The next page worth mentioning is the More Info page. Again, it seemed silly to reinvent the wheel. There is so much out there on the internet already. Instead of writing my own explanations of everything I have learned about Lyme Disease, cooking & eating, I thought I would just create a list of all the great things I have found. There are so many resources here. There are so many people that have already been through this that are willing to share what they know. There are also many people struggling with similar issues sharing knowledge & experience that might be useful to us.

The Calendar

The Calendar page grew out of my own selfish desire to keep track of all the planetary influences that affect my own symptoms. Things like the seasons, equinoxes, moon phases & length of day could all combine to create a state of collapse, mania or smooth sanity. My desperate race to make sense of them so that I could plan my life lead me through many charts & graphs, but, finally, this calendar seemed the most logical & low maintenance of them all.

Under Construction

The Hierarchy of Needs and Glossary are both works in progress. If I finish it all right away, what will I do when my mind is moving too fast & it needs an outlet, right?


In the beginning, I had every intention of this being a blog about my experience & my discoveries. I am constantly composing posts about my experience in my head, but something about my specific set of symptoms makes it very difficult to get the words out of my head & onto the page… or into the computer. I eventually gave up trying & focused more on designing, redesigning and adding features & links. These are actually better exercises for my over-functioning brain anyway. When my serotonin isn’t right, I get lost in this.

I would really like to push my boundaries & practice getting the words from my brain & into a blog, so I’m attempting to put down my experiences as they come up. This will probably be more of a diary than a blog & I will probably be more comfortable if the new posts are not advertised or broadcasted. For this reason, I have shut down my RSS feed & removed my Archives from the sidebar. If you really feel the need to check out how well I am doing with this, you can find posts by my author name, redhead kelly, or maybe through the Search feature, but please imagine me cringing as you read them. 😉

Most of what will probably be explored in posts will be very specific to my set of circumstances & needs. The information is not meant as suggestions for anyone else’s treatment other than the general idea of maybe thinking outside the box sometimes or possible avenues to explore to find things that might work for you. If you are looking for more information on anything mentioned, please find a Medical Practitioner or a related Forum/Support Group. There is sooooo much information out there & so many treatment options. This is not a one-size-fits-all situation.  And there are plenty of places more appropriate, and surely more enlightening, for these kinds of discussions than this blog.

Contact & Comments

One of the things that is hardest for me about blogging is the comments. It’s unfortunate because the opportunity to share experiences is really the benefit of a blog. But, again, whatever it is about  my specific set of symptoms makes it very overwhelming for me to interact. For this reason, I have shut down Comments on most pages & posts. If there is something pressing that you would like to share or if you have your own blog that you would like added to the Lyme Bloggers list, please find me on Twitter. It seems to be more in my comfort zone.

Support Me

Lastly, I have created an Amazon store. It started as a way to just keep track of the things that I liked the most, but turned into a way that I could share those things with others. In return, they would be helping me in my own recovery. What you’ll find there is mostly a list of books & DVDs that I have found the most helpful along the way, both before & after the diagnosis of Lyme Disease. There is also a collection of the foods I have liked the most during my experiments with food allergies, lots of gluten-free & dairy-free selections.

I have also entered into Affiliate relationships with several companies that offer products that I love. Any purchase made after clicking on one of my links will be credited to me & allows me to receive a small commission.

Thank You

I imagine that this site will evolve as I do. I have hopes of it becoming a shining example of my progress & increasing sanity. I hope that in some way it can also help you.

4 Responses to About this Site

  • Can you find a place to post our website to help spread the word about our fundraiser? Thank you for considering our request. Thanks also for such an awesome website.

    Many blessings on your journey of recovery.


  • Kara says:

    HI, I am a mama trying to to help my tiny girls and I make it up and over the mountain of our Chronic Lyme illness. I have started a blog so I don’t alienate any more people on FB who are sick of hearing the updates on our health. Hopefully it makes the grade. Thanks for this site…it is AWESOME!

    • Ha. I know exactly what you mean about Facebook. That’s why I have my Lyme page & my personal page. Ha. It’s been so great to see how much the Lyme community supports each other online. I added you to my list of Lyme Bloggers long ago. 🙂 Thanks for letting me know about it.

  • robert btown says:

    please add my youtube lyme blog to the list

    it is cardston medical research lyme blog 1–7


    if i need to do the uploading just let me know where on the site.