Requisite Disclaimer

The information included on this site is for educational purposes only. It is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. The reader should always consult his or her healthcare provider to determine the appropriateness of the information for their own situation or if they have any questions regarding a medical condition or treatment plan.

This is true.

First of all, I am not a practitioner. I am just someone who has had to fight their own battle for a long time. I have 3/4 of an Engineering degree, a Real Estate license, one year of study with herbalist Kami McBride, 6 years at a local Health Food Store, and many hours in front of Medical Doctors & other licensed medical professionals.

I saw my first Chiropractor in 1999.

I first went gluten-free in 2002.

I first joined the Weston A. Price Foundation in 2003.

I saw my first Acupuncturist in 2003.

I saw my fist Homeopath in 2003.

I saw my first Nutritionist in 2005.

I saw my first Naturopath in 2005.

I first took a cooking class from Jessica Prentice, the originator of the term Locovore, in 2006.

I got my first & only colonic in 2007.

I saw my first Holistic MD in 2010.

All in all, I have spent enough money, time & energy to have a Medical degree, but, even if I did, I would tell you to go find someone locally that you can sit in front of.

Lyme Disease, as well as most other health issues, tends to be complicated. Once the body is out of balance enough to actually be diagnosed with a disease, there are multiple issues. It takes someone with experience to be able to put the pieces together. It also takes someone with a perspective outside of ourselves who might see things that we don’t. You need someone who can get to know you & guide you.

My experience, clearly, is also that no one person will have all the answers. And your needs will change over time. Healing happens in layers & as the layers are excavated, the approach may need to change.

The point is, though, seek help from someone with experience. Maybe multiple people with experience. The information on the internet can be extremely helpful & it’s good to empower yourself with knowledge, but the vast amount of information can be overwhelming & lead you in circles if you don’t have someone to help you figure out what information if right for you. Shop around. Find someone who seems to really be interested in finding the best treatments based on your individual needs.

If you don’t already have someone that fits this description, try the resources on this site listed under Find a Medical Practitioner.

2 Responses to Requisite Disclaimer

  • robert btown says:

    dear MZ K. I’m robert brown and i have had lyme for fifty years. i just found out this year after 30 years of asking”what’s wrong with me.In doing the research to make a zapper i discovered i had lyme disease.(knowing is only half the battle.)
    We eventually ,after a year of research and engineering,came up with a machine to combat lyme. it consists of : a zapper, a colloidal silver generator.
    a blood electrifier and a cranial electrostimulator for brain fog.I recommend
    this be used a long with MMS.I also discovered something caused the pleomorphic theory of disease which explains why lyme is so elusive and why Doctors HATE the Gerson diet.
    I would like to know if i can sell my victory machine on your site.
    please view my website and you will see that this is not a crass for profit only business but a resource for those suffering with chronic incurables,which are mostly aspects of lyme.I did the invention for me and after seeing that the herbal cures are not always successful decided to market them to the lyme community. yours in a moment of clairity(no brain fog)robert brown.

    • Yes! I am a big fan of the pleomorphic theory. It’s all about the terrain! Unfortunately, I’m not really set up to sell anything on this site, especially if I haven’t used it. But I’m happy to post your link so that everyone can find you & check it out for themselves. Keep up the great work!