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Lyme Blog newspaperEveryone has a story. I have been told many times that I should write mine. Unfortunately, my Lyme Disease is quirky in a way that I can’t seem to make myself write. It has somehow affected my ability to concentrate in just that way. Or maybe it’s the social anxiety that it causes that prevents me from writing to an audience as large as the internet. On the other hand, the internet is my playground. It is where I get to go to keep my overly active mind entertained when my body is too exhausted to move. At some points in my Lyme symptom cycle, I am able to sit for hours & gather information.

Recently someone joked that everyone with Lyme plans to write a book. I have certainly considered it, once my exhausted body can keep up with my over-active mind. I started thinking, though, about all the Lyme blogs that I was familiar with. I’m always in awe of people who are capable of writing on extremely technical topics, or developing recipes, or having the consistency to chronicle their progress every day.

During one of computer browsing peaks I decided to take a look around at the Lyme Blogs out there. I thought, “If I can’t blog myself, maybe I can provide a source for Lyme blogs.” What I found was amazing. Many people blogging for many different reasons. What I created is one cohesive feed of every Lyme patient (currently suffering or fully healed) that I could find.

What you will find to the left is the aggregated feed showing the most recent posts of this collection of Blogs. What you will find on the right is a list of the Blogs included in the feed.

If you are currently experiencing or have experienced Lyme Disease & have a blog or YouTube channel, I would love to include you. Please send me a link on Twitter.

List of Lyme Bloggers

  1. “Lyme Disease”, What Kills It & Best Positive Testing Clinic
  2. -Life as I know it-
  3. A behaviorism geek’s personal journey of recovery
  4. A blonde walks into a blog….
  5. A Journey to Somewhere…
  6. A Lyme Disease Journal
  7. A Monkey Girl’s Existential Drama
  8. A Patient Process
  9. A rainbow at night
  10. A Slice of Lyme
  11. A Twist of Lyme: Battling a Disease that “Doesn’t Exist”
  12. About Lyme
  13. Adrienne & The Lyme
  14. Adventures in Diapering and Beyond
  15. Adventures of Angeli
  16. Affairs of Living
  17. Aisha Harley
  18. Alice in Lymeland
  19. AlisonSmith
  20. Along the Way
  21. Alter Everything
  22. Altucher Confidential
  23. Amanda’s World – Blog
  24. amybscherfriend
  28. Aspergers & the Alien
  29. Babe of my Heart
  30. Barefoot Hoof…
  31. BbBoston
  32. Beat Lyme Disease
  33. Beat Lyme Disease
  34. Beating Lyme
  35. Beautiful Chicken
  36. Becoming a Butterfly
  37. Being Herd
  38. Bella With Lyme
  39. Bells Palsy / Lyme Disease
  41. Between Health and Wealth Avenues
  42. Bite Me.
  43. Blah, Blah, Blah
  44. Blog – Dancing in My Lyme Light
  45. Blog – Dancing in My Lyme Light
  47. Blogging about Life, the Universe, and Everything
  48. Bloody Lymey
  49. Bob Cowart’s Blog
  51. Borreliabloggen
  52. Bota Borrelia – Offer f�r sjukdom, inte samh�llet
  53. Brian & Dawn
  54. Bridget’s – Lyme Disease Story
  55. Busy Mind Thinking
  56. Buy My Bull-Poo
  57. BuzzNutrition Blog
  58. Camp Other: Lyme Disease, Science, & Society
  59. Caravan Sonnet
  60. Cc Bunch’s Blog
  61. Cee’s Life Photography Blog
  62. Cee’s Photography
  64. Cheerios in My Sneakers
  65. Cheryl’s Blog, The Many Sides of Lyme Disease
  66. Chic and Cheap
  67. christen4christ
  68. Chronic Lyme Disease: What It’s Like for Those of Us Who Live with It
  69. Chronically Thrilled
  70. Chronically Young
  71. Chronicles Of Borrelia
  72. Clever Clover’s Random Musings
  73. Coiling for Lyme
  74. Color Me Lyme: My Life in the LYMElight
  75. Comments on: BIO
  76. Comments on: Help Aimee Beat Chronic Lyme Disease and Co-infections
  77. composting words
  78. Confessions of the Chronically Frustrated
  79. Constantly Under Construction – My Lyme Journey : Healing my Body, Mind, and Spirit
  80. Cookie’s Chronicles
  81. Cookie’s Chronicles
  82. Cornforth Adventures
  83. Cosmo Mom with a Twist of Lyme
  84. Cowboy Boots and Crystals’s Facebook Wall
  85. Crafting for Lyme
  86. Crazy Lyme
  87. Cure Lyme Disease
  88. Cycle For Lyme
  89. Dance of Lyme
  90. Dancing with Lyme Disease: Alyson’s Adventures in Lymeland
  91. David Ostrovsky: My fight against Lyme disease
  92. daydreaming beauty
  93. decimawho
  94. deejavu views
  95. Delightfully Shrinking
  96. Diaries of a Buggy Girl
  97. Diary of Lyme Girl
  98. Difficult Woman
  99. Displaying Splendor
  100. Divorced, Diseased & Dangerous
  101. Drovers Lyme disease
  102. Eating Naturally
  103. Eggs In Hats
  104. Elaina’s Lyme Disease Story
  105. Elaine Fights Lyme
  106. Ellsworth ATA Martial Arts Academy – Ellsworth ATA Blog Spot
  107. Emails to RSS bridge – LymeBloggers
  108. Emerging Diseases
  109. Emily Reach White
  110. Empower Network Blog
  111. Energy Therapy for Emotional Healing
  112. Entering His Rest
  113. Erik’s Multiple Sclerosis & Lyme Blog
  114. Etsy Shop for ChronicBadass
  115. Etsy Shop for goforthcreate
  116. Etsy Shop for LymeBlueFoundation
  117. Etsy Shop for ThePassionatePlum
  118. Etsy Shop for TheQuickSleeve
  119. Etsy Shop for TheRoundedCorner
  120. Etsy Shop for TwistOfLymeDecals
  121. Etsy Shop for TwistOfLymeDecals
  122. Eureka!
  123. Every Lil Step I Make
  124. Existential Punk
  125. F.I.G.H.T for your health!
  126. faith, water, & yoga
  127. feeling Lymie
  128. Fiddledeedee
  129. Fifteen Minutes of Delusion
  130. Fight Lyme
  131. Fighting for Health
  132. Fighting Lyme Peacefully
  133. Finding a Holistic Protocol For ME/CFS and Lyme Disease
  134. Five Lymies & a Baby
  135. Food to heal the body – Daily blog
  136. Free Ideas!!!
  137. From Chrysalis to Butterfly
  138. From Lyme to Life
  139. From Lyme to Limeade
  140. from the Lymebrary desk
  141. Gabbi Hicks
  142. Georgia’s Battle So Far…
  143. Gerson Thailand Cancer Therapy Moms Organic Farm Chiang Mai Volunteer
  144. Ginger’s Lyme Journey
  145. Glowing In The Dark
  146. gluten free zen
  147. God In The Wilderness
  148. Gold in the Days of Summer: A Novella
  150. Gospel Girls
  151. Granny Miller
  152. Greetings from Lymeland
  153. Gryffin’s Tail
  154. Hall & Oates Blogs
  155. Hannah Heath
  156. Heal For Real by Janette Hillis-Jaffe
  157. Healing From Lyme Disease
  158. Healing Grapevine News
  159. Healing Recipes and Remedies for Lymies
  160. Healkick
  161. Health to Heart
  162. Healthcare Hacks – The India Story
  163. heatherfightslyme
  164. HEMIMAMMA – Brinner f�r en gr�n v�rld med ett r�tt hj�rta och lever livet i n�rhet med d�den!
  165. Hey Spoonies –
  166. His Girl Forever
  167. Holistic Healing with CHRYSA – Home
  168. Holistic Healing with CHRYSA – In the News
  169. Honey Honey Healing
  170. Hope Beyond Lyme
  172. How it feels to have Lyme disease
  173. Huckins Family Appeal
  174. Huckins Family Appeal – Official Website
  175. i am not this disease.
  176. I Have Chronic Neurological Lyme Disease
  177. I have Lyme Disease…
  178. I’m in the Lyme-Light
  180. In Search of Wellness
  181. In The Lyme Fight
  182. In the Lyme Light
  183. In the Lyme Light
  184. In the Lymelight
  185. Infectiously Optimistic
  186. Inner Workings of Outward Expressions
  187. Insightful Inspirations
  188. Into the Lyme Journey
  189. It Takes Time
  190. iWitness
  191. Jack’s Jots ‘n Thots…
  192. Jane H Smith M.D. The Living Tale
  193. Jen’s Lyme Adventure
  194. Jenna’s Lyme Blog
  195. Jenna’s Lyme Video Blog
  196. Joe the Tick’s Lyme Blog
  197. Josey Fights Lyme – Home
  198. Joy Rises
  199. Just Hannah
  200. Just Living LIke This with LYME
  201. Just Till It Under
  202. Justicia
  203. K.C.’s Lyme Journey
  204. Key Lyme Pie
  205. KeyLymeKim
  207. kimmiecakeskickslyme
  209. Kyla vs. Lyme: The Stem Cell Chapter
  210. Lady of Lyme – My Blog
  211. Laura Bruno’s Blog
  212. LauraLyme
  213. Lauren’s Lyme Life
  214. Learning Liberty
  215. Lemon and Lyme
  216. lemonandlyme
  217. Lemons ‘n Lyme
  218. Lessons Learned from the Flock
  219. let birds fly
  220. Let There Bee Light
  221. Let There Bee Light
  222. Letters for Lyme: Science isn’t spelled with a $
  223. Liberation through Lyme
  224. Life After the Fire
  225. Life in Lyme
  226. life in the lyme light
  227. Life in the Lymelight
  228. Life With a Hint of Lyme
  229. Life. With a Twyst of Lyme
  230. Life…with a Twist of Lyme
  231. LifeLoveLyme
  232. LifeLoveLyme
  233. Lindsay Wrinn on MindBodyGreen
  234. Lisa Buffaloe’s Blog
  235. Live Life for Today
  236. Living in the Lymelight
  237. Living Lyme Green
  238. living out His love
  239. Living the Lyme Life
  240. Living the Lyme Life
  241. Living with Chronic Fatigue, Lyme Disease & Rickettsial Disease
  242. Living With Chronic Lyme Disease
  243. Living with Lyme
  244. Living With Lyme Disease
  245. LivingRheum
  246. Lizards in Scarves
  247. Long Trail with Lyme
  249. lordandlyme
  250. Louise’s Lyme Disease Treatment Fund
  251. Louise’s Lyme Disease Treatment Fund
  252. Lovely Nothings
  253. Loving Our Guts
  254. LunaSoffio
  255. Lydia’s Outpourings
  256. Lyme
  258. Lyme – My Medical Misery
  259. Lyme and Back
  260. Lyme Aware
  261. Lyme Beast
  262. Lyme Betch
  263. Lyme Bytes
  264. Lyme Chick
  265. Lyme Chronicles
  266. Lyme Disease – America’s Secret Pandemic
  267. Lyme Disease : Ticks Suck!
  268. Lyme Disease Awareness
  269. Lyme Disease Halifax � Personal Lyme Stories
  270. Lyme Disease Help
  271. Lyme Disease in Canada blogs
  272. Lyme Disease in South Africa
  273. Lyme Disease Journal
  274. Lyme Disease Mommy
  275. Lyme Disease. Just when I thought I was nuts..I really was! My journey back to good health.
  276. LYME GIRL
  277. Lyme Girll
  278. Lyme Green Australia
  279. Lyme Handbook
  280. Lyme Inside – Living with Lyme Disease
  281. Lyme is Crazy
  282. Lyme is Lame
  283. Lyme is real
  284. Lyme Link Collection
  285. Lyme Lit
  286. Lyme Online
  287. Lyme Penpals
  288. Lyme runner
  289. Lyme Savvy | A one-of-a-kind collaboration between patient and doctor
  290. Lyme Speak
  291. Lyme Store
  292. Lyme Story
  293. Lyme Sucks!
  294. Lyme Sucks!
  295. Lyme Times 3
  296. Lyme treatment
  297. Lyme With Purpose
  299. Lyme-Over the Edge
  301. lymeblue
  302. Lymebrary Quote of the Week
  303. lymed life.
  304. lymed out
  307. lymelife
  308. lymelife10
  309. LymeLight
  310. Lymelinks’s Facebook Wall
  311. LYMEnytt
  313. lymetakestime
  316. lymewhisperer
  317. Lymie eating coconut
  318. lymielinde
  319. Martha Boykin Photography: Blog
  320. – Blog-Lyme
  321. med nauseam blog
  322. Meerkat’s Heap
  323. Meg Cabot
  324. Melissa’s Miscellani
  325. Metabolic Me
  326. Miss Diagnoses
  327. mividadulce
  328. Momastery
  329. Mommalyme
  330. Mommalytics
  331. Mommy in Chief
  332. Monamorphosis
  333. My Baseball life, Lyme Disease, and Babesia Blog
  334. My Blind Spot Journey
  335. My Color Is Lyme
  336. My Encore Life In Focus
  337. My Fight
  338. My fight against Lyme Disease
  339. My Journey Fighting Lyme Disease
  340. My Journey of Hope, Faith, Love & Life
  341. My Journey through Lyme Disease
  342. My life with Lyme
  343. My Lyme Blog
  344. My Lyme Blog
  345. My Lyme Disease Blog
  346. My Lyme Disease Story
  347. My Lyme Journey
  348. My Lyme Story and Where I am now 5 years later
  349. My Lyme Symphony
  350. My road to healing from lyme disease
  351. My Story from: A Slice of Lyme
  352. my Time with Lyme
  353. mypostapocalypticlife
  354. New Earth Wellness
  355. Nicoletti’s Nothings
  356. Nightshades and now Lyme Disease
  359. Nourishing Faith and Family | Nourishing Faith and Family
  360. Nourishing Words
  361. NowThat’sM’lady
  362. Off the Grid in Minneapolis
  363. One Mom Shoveling Her Way Along The Path To Healing
  364. One Utah Mom – Blog
  365. Operation: Road to Recovery
  366. Organic Holistic Healing
  367. Our Life In My Words
  368. Our Lyme Autism Journey
  369. Our Lyme Life
  370. Our SubLyme Life
  371. out of the lyme light
  372. Overcoming Lyme
  373. Pacific NW Lymie
  374. Pain, Pain, Go Away
  376. Peaceful Acres
  377. Perry Louis Fields
  378. Phuli Cohan, M.D.
  379. Pit Bulls, Lyme, and Life
  380. Plain Green
  381. Poetry Muse
  382. Portfolio-Natures Wonders
  383. Practically Pure – Going green, easy and budget-friendly
  384. Project Lyme Art Quilt
  385. Purple Lyme Girl
  386. Pushing 300 tons
  387. Putting Lyme Behind You
  388. Quite Contrary
  389. Rachel Callaray: Author, Runner, Blogger
  390. Rad People Were Here
  391. Raising Awareness and Funds For Lyme Disease – My Lyme Twysts
  392. Random Thoughts
  393. Ranting and Raving, Saskatchewan Style
  394. ReadBetweenTheLyme
  395. Rebecca Wells
  396. Renee’s Reflections
  397. Resilient Peace
  398. rhondalyme40
  400. Riding the Lyme Tsunami, surviving Chronic & Congenital Lyme Disease
  401. RocasVida: Life Rocks | Seek Peace | Create Happy
  402. roomfullofideas
  403. roomfullofideas
  404. Rooted in Salt
  405. Rooted In Salt
  406. Rosa Rashall’s Blog
  407. Samantha Stosur
  408. Same Lyme Different Day
  410. Sarah’s Lyme treatment at Sponaugle Wellness Institute.
  411. shelby’s LIFE WITH LYME
  412. Shelley M. White
  413. Sick and Tired of It
  414. Sisters Against Lyme
  415. so subLyme
  416. So This is Where I Go
  417. So…Let’s Hang Out
  418. Sonya Fights Lyme
  419. Soylent Green Lyme Blog
  420. spencer and melody
  421. Spirochetes Unwound
  422. SpiroChicks
  423. Spoonie Sophia
  424. Stella Garcia Photography
  425. Steph and Kim
  426. Stir
  427. stop the lyme lies – Mickie’s Blog
  428. Suffering The Silence
  429. SUGAR SHOCK! Blog
  430. Surf Nation
  431. surfbabe bionic treatment in Germany
  432. Taking Mine With A Twist Of Lyme
  433. Terra Nova Indien – Good Bye Lyme?
  434. That Girl…tales from the edge
  435. That Tick is a Dick
  436. The Blog of Author Tim Ferriss
  437. The Brighter Side!
  438. The Bulletproof Executive
  439. The Catsman’s Blog
  440. The Dawson Family
  441. The Dragonfly On Iron Gate
  442. The Eclectic Element
  443. THE FOOD FREEDOM REVOLUTION: Taking Back Control Of Our Health
  444. The Homespun Rabble Rouser
  445. The Lamp POST
  446. The Leftover Kitchen
  447. The Leggett Family
  448. The Long Dark Hallway
  449. The Lyme and Times of …
  450. The Lyme Chronicles
  451. The Lyme Diary
  452. The Lyme Disease Sentinel Blog
  453. the LyME LiFe
  454. The Lyme Light
  455. The Lyme Maze
  456. The Lyme of Our Lives
  457. The Lyme Pregnancy Journal
  459. The Lyme Spot
  460. The Lyme Warrior
  461. the lymelight
  462. The Musings of FaeryWings
  463. The Next Ten Minutes � Blog
  464. The Railroad Tracks:
  465. The Running World According to Dean
  466. The Thinking Mother
  467. The Tick Slayer- A Complete Lyme Disease Recovery
  469. The Trench Monitor by PJ Langhoff
  470. The World Can Wait
  471. Thee Geeky Lyme Spoonie
  472. theplacethatilove
  473. thetineylymey
  474. This House of Joy
  475. This is what chronic lyme looks like
  476. This Moment, And The Next
  477. Thompson
  478. thoughts
  479. three thirty three
  480. Three’s Cooking
  481. Thyme Balm
  482. Tick Soup
  483. Ticked Off Literally
  484. Ticks and Trust
  485. Ticktalkireland’s Blog
  486. TICKTalkLyme
  487. Tired of Lyme – Lyme Disease Support & Consolation – LyBlog
  488. To Be A Fool…
  489. Today I Feel Exceptionally….
  490. Tony Bent’s blog
  491. ToTo NeuroImmunologisk Kurativ Behandling
  492. TTR Katina Makris Show News
  493. TTR Katina Makris Show News
  494. TV Dinner Girl
  495. twenty(or)something
  496. Twingles Mom
  497. Twist of Lyme
  498. Twist of Lyme
  499. Twist of Lyme Book
  500. Twist of Lyme~
  501. Twisted Resistor
  502. UnaMuses
  503. Unfolding Lyme
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  637. What’s Working in Marketing
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24 Responses to Lyme Bloggers

  • Yvonne says:

    I enjoyed reading your blog. My daughter who is 12 has had Lyme for 3 years now and counting. We have had many set backs in her health, but we are hoping to move forward and to one day be “Lyme free”. Thank you for your blog and the information it shares =) I have attached a youtube video of my daughter if anyone is interested.

    • Thanks for the comment Yvonne. I have subscribed to your YouTube channel & included it in my list on the Lyme Bloggers page so that we can all follow your daughter’s progress. I, too, believe that it is completely possible to be “Lyme free” & wish that for your daughter. Sending good thoughts & prayers to you. 🙂

  • Sara Spark says:

    Hi Kelly,
    Thank you for this wonderful list of blogs! I can’t wait to browse through them. Please add mine (link above) when you have the chance.
    Thanks again!

  • What a fantastic resource, thank you so much! I am awed by the online lyme community, a courageous and positive lot. I’ve added you to my new blog’s lyme links, and hope you’ll do the same.

    • Sorry it took me so long to take care of this. You know how it is. 🙂 I have added you to my list of Lyme bloggers & also added one of your articles to my list of useful Lyme Links. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!!!!

  • Kelly Clover says:

    A petition is being circulated to get President Obama to invalidate the outrageous IDSA guidelines which have severely
    harmed many thousands of people. Information about this petition and how to get your signature added can be found at: Now click on: Jenna’s Lyme blog
    This blog will route you to a petition that resides at petition.
    We need as many signatures as possible as quickly as possible. There is too much at stake to fall short and not correct this
    grave injustice.

  • Anna says:

    Hi Kelly,

    Great site. How do we get our blogs added to your list?

  • Louise says:

    Hello, could you add my blog to the list? Or my latest post to the feed on the left?

    Thanks for all your hard work in collecting all these blogs together into one great resource!


    • Absolutely. I’m in the middle have to come up with a new way to create this page now that Google Reader is being shut down, so it may be off & on for the next few months, but you’re there & I promise not to lose you in the transition. Ha.

  • Jenna Dredge says:

    This is a great list. I would love to have my blog included on it. Thanks for all of your hard work to make this possible.

  • Mary says:

    Hi – I lost 8 years to lyme.

    After reading about what others went through with Lyme it’s good to know I’m not alone. I just posted my story on


  • Hannah Heath says:

    Thank you so much for providing this service! I’ve found lots of wonderful resources. I’m so happy that my blog made the list. I really appreciate it! Hope you have a great week.

  • DeeLynn says:

    I am going through late-stage chronic neurological/psychiatric Lyme.

    I need to talk to someone who has had the symptoms I’m so DESPERATE!!!!
    Someone please reach out and try to help.

    My Lyme disease progressed very quick.
    My main complaint are my mental issues. The biggest problems being psychosis (feeling out of touch with reality), major anxiety problems, sexual problems, intrusive thoughts, and it all feels like a big pressure in my head.

    I am currently taking a treatment plan. I do believe the symptoms have worsened, and am hoping that is from a herx.

    Has anyone else gone through these complications————did you ever get better?

  • Arnold says:

    Hi there, sorry I don’t have Twitter or Facebook (have to prioritise the time I have awake) and wondering if you could include my blog 🙂 all the best, and well done on collecting all these other blogs!!!

    All the best,


  • Greetings! Your site helped me receive some much-needed information when I was in the early stages of figuring out my Lyme disease. I’m 8 months into proper treatment now and though I still have a long way to go, the progress has been very hopeful. I wanted to share my new book with you, “When Life Hands You Lemons, Check For Lymes,” a graphic novel memoir about my experience with the disease. The book has received favorable reviews from sites like Comics Should Be Good and Comics Grinder. My hope for the book is that it will help bring Lyme awareness into the popular culture and will be comfortingly relatable to those affected by the disease.


    • Glad to hear you are getting the help you need & that things are improving! I’m happy to share the link to your book here, but maybe you have a blog that I can subscribe to for my Lyme Bloggers list, too?

  • Kerry H says:


    This is the best resource for newly diagnosed! I’m so grateful I found it. I’m wondering if you could add my blog “body mind lyme” to your list.

    The link is



    • Sorry it took so long to get back to you! Sometimes I’m on, and sometimes I’m just not. You know how it is. 🙁

      You’re blog has been added, though! Thank you so much for sending it along. It looks great, BTW!

      Good look on your journeys & thanks so much for putting it all out there so other people can see. 🙂

  • Kerry H says:

    Grateful! Thank you so much for putting this together!

  • So glad to have found your site. I started a website for parents whose kid(s) have Lyme because I found it hard to get all the info I wanted in one place.

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