Lyme Treatment Protocols

The more you search around the internet, the more you will find that people often refer to the protocol that they are using instead of going into great detail about the specific supplements, herbs, etc. These are some that you will run into. Each of these has helped people heal Lyme Disease, but no one approach works for all people. So, I have listed all that I could think of in hopes that you find what you need.

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  • Kay says:

    I can’t believe you don’t have this guys formulas on your protocol page. Hundreds of MD’s use his stuff including the Dr. Horowitz and the Doc who writes for Huffington…Dr. Galland. I know personally several people who use his stuff including me. I’ve had TWO ticks this year. Gifts from my kitty cat. She’s generous like that. I love your blog and think it is amazing how much stuff you have here. THank you for doing it. Best one I’ve seen.

    • Hi Kay. Thanks so much for the compliment. I’m having some trouble with some plugins right now that don’t seem to be getting fixed, but I love that people are using my site anyway. Ha.

      I think I missed, though, who you are referring to. Can you send me a website so that I can look it over?

  • Kay says:

    Sorry I forgot to mention his name. Brain fog! Byron White Formulas. Their site is and they just had their first ever patient teleconference with hundreds of people attending. It was very helpful because a lot of doctors who use their stuff don’t know or tell you everything you need to know to take the formulas correctly. They said they are going to do another free lecture next month about radiation I think. Very nice to find someone giving out helpful info. Lyme info is either not available or you have to wade through a bog of questionable info to get at anything you can use. Highly recommend these guys. Their stuff is way stronger than any other herbal I’ve ever taken so you really feel it. I’m getting back to being as active as I like to be now. And almost brave enough to go back out into the woods. : )

  • Oh yeah. I know exactly who that is. I did actually take one of his formulas for a while & forgot. I know, the brain fog, right? Ha.

    Good to hear your making progress! I just moved to the country & just that has helped so much! I didn’t realize that I was so EMF sensitive. I also put Y-Shield on my walls. I feel soooo much better.

    I love that people with Lyme can really heal. I am hopeful for all of us.

    Thanks for the suggesting. I will add it now. 🙂

  • Kay says:

    What are Y-shields? I too just moved to the country (thus the two ticks) but otherwise loving it. I am also very EMF sensitive. I built a tiny house and made sure no electrical near the bed. Sleeping much better. Do the shields help you? Are they expensive? Thanks for listing Byron White Formulas. I think they can help a lot of people like it helped me. WHich one of his formulas did you take? Did it help you? The next teleconference they are doing is on EMFs and radiation. You might want to listen to it since you have that too. Thanks again for the great work you are doing here to help people with their health. So valuable!

    • Y-Shield is the EMF reflecting paint. It has copper filings in it. I had to actually put tape on the walls that lead to the outlets & then ground the tape so that whatever the paint collected could be grounded out of the walls. There’s a good YouTube video on how to do it. It sounds like you were able to create your own little electricity-free room, though. Awesome. I keep threatening to put a teepee in the backyard & sleep on the ground as soon as it stops raining. Ha.

      I think I took the A-Bab formula, but it was 2 years ago when I was first diagnosed. I couldn’t stick with my protocol & now I know it’s because I was too environmentally overwhelmed to do any real healing. I needed to get away from EMFs in town & now I’m starting to think there was a lot of mold in my old place, too. Now that I’ve moved, I am feeling so much better & finally feeling up to starting to take the herbs again. I’m doing my Spring cleanse now since it’s the Equinox, then a parasite cleanse, then back to the Lyme herbs. I can’t afford to go to the doctor anymore, but I still have all the herbs from Buhner’s Protocol, so I’m going to do that along with as many sweat lodges as I can get to. Ha.