Simultaneous Health Issues

Nutritional Supplements can be an important part of a Lyme Disease treatment program, but knowing which supplements are right for you can be a maze. Lyme Disease can manifest in such different ways depending on the patient, it would be difficult to create a list here. That is why I provided links to Medical Professionals, Lyme Treatment Protocols & other Lyme Bloggers.

What I do know, though, is people can be diagnosed with many different issues before the Lyme is finally detected. In my experience, working with each diagnosis can be beneficial in maintaining balance. I have included links to resources that I found helpful before the source of my issues was determined to be Lyme. I particularly like sites that provide symptoms quizzes so that you can get to know more about your personal situation. Knowledge is power. These products also helped me to maintain my sanity & functioning so that I was able to continue my search for a diagnosis.