Support Groups

Support is support. And it is necessary. Even at a physiological level. A lack of support can increase the body’s fight-or-flight response which, in turn, lowers the immune system’s ability to regain health.

There are a combination of resources here in hopes that you can find something local & easily accessible. I also find that chronic illness can create other issues that may range from a need to learn to eat differently to problems with addictive & compulsive behaviors. This may be especially true for those struggling with the neurological effects of Lyme Disease.

I know sometimes it is scary to reach out. Maybe start slow with an online group & allow them to support you in meeting people in person or vice versa.

Every group I have listed here provides meetings & resources free-of-charge. Even if you’re not sure if they apply to you, they are a great place to meet people that might know something that could help.