Lyme Influences


Traditional Chinese Medicine assigns an element to each of the seasons & each of these elements correspond to an organ or system in the body.

As the different organs are supported by each season, I notice a change in my symptoms. For instance, when my Lyme was more bipolar, the predominance of the Earth element around the Equinoxes & in late summer would make me manic. The Wood element supporting the liver during the Spring lessens my MTHFR symptoms.

Yin Yang of the Seasons

Sunrise & Sunset

The length of the days seem to correlate to the amount of serotonin that is produced affecting my mood & my ability to tolerate stress.

It also influences how expanded or contracted my energy is. The shortest days around the Winter Solstice correspond with my most contracted time. When my energy is this contracted it’s as if I am drawn completely inside of myself & I am hyper-aware of every ache & pain & symptom. The opposite is true at the height of Summer when my energy is its most expansive. I am much more aware of what is happening outside of me, it is easier for me to interact with the world & I notice my discomfort less.

Golden Hour

This is the time just after sunrise & just before sunset when the light has a more golden hue. Apparently, the pineal gland is able to detect this difference & somehow triggers the body to relax & prepare for night. I notice that if I am outside during the golden hour just before sunset, I sleep much better. Exposing myself to this light on a regular basis helps to regulate my sleeping patterns.


The moon cycle is a monthly repeat of the cycle of the seasons. As the moon wanes & the new moon approaches, my energy is contracted. As it waxes towards the full moon, my energy expands. I have heard that many people with Lyme have a worsening of symptoms around the full moon, but I actually have the opposite experience.