Not reacting to content – Eckhart Tolle

One of the most consistent lessons of what I first thought was Bipolar Disorder, but turned out to be Lyme Disease, is that your life is how you see it. My mood swings & levels of sensitivity can change drastically during the course of one day. If I have taken very good care of myself & am feeling well, I love my life. I feel lucky to have what I have. I feel peaceful & content with the way things are. On the flip side, if I eat something I shouldn’t or wear myself out, or if it just happens to be the down side of the month, I can hate everything & everyone around me.

It has become an important practice in my life to not put too much stock into how I am seeing things. My perspective is fluid. I continue to try to keep an objective distance from my thoughts & attitudes. I have begun to listen to them only as a narration & not as a reality. I know that they will change just as everything else does.